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Eset ERA 6.3 | Stopping a Client Task

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Hi everyone, 

I'd like to stop a task while it has started running.

Either Server Task or Client task. Both of which get stuck, or even just because I want to force a stop on the task that is taking too long.


How can that be done?



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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately there is currently no way how to cancel tasks.


Could you be more specific about task types that gets stuck?

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I have three examples.

Bother were Client tasks:

1. Install <wrong ESET software> on DomainController. 

 - Domain controller would hangup and require force-reboot.

 - Task, keeps trying again and again, putting the domain controller into these hangups and crashes. 


2. Product Activation on user computer:

 - Keeps running and puts other tasks in wait until it finishes.


3 List of client task some are on "planned" some are running.

 - Unable to determine what is actually running and what has finished.


Let me know if that passes the issue at hand.


Also,while we are on this topic, can you skip\shorten the "planned" period, of a task? It seems to be taking a while


and yet another also, Tasks which suppose to be triggered by "ASAP" only start at about 60 seconds after starting to run them, can that be shorten to ASAP, Literally? :)


Thanks for everything Martin..

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  • 1 month later...

Any news on the matter?

I have a stuck client which doesn't let me install remotely Endpoint software and just remains stuck.


restarting the service didn't help either.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Any update on the matter?

I'm stuck that no client task can run remotely.

Attaching a screenshot to show what the issue looks like.

Any other task i'm getting the same "waiting" icon.


Please help asap! this is becoming a nuisance.




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  • ESET Staff

Is this happening for all tasks, or only for the one you have shown - stop managing / uninstall ERA agent? Issue is, that this task could not be updated, as there is no agent, to report back the progress. So once the task has been delivered, it will never ever show, if it succeeded or not. But that issue is related only to this task. Concerning your request to stop running tasks, we are tracking that as an improvement for future versions of ERA. But it won´t be done sooner, than for ERA release planned for December (and that is not confirmed yet).

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That's the issue Michal, if he task had started i would understand it couldn't be completed, but the issue is stuck on "waiting" so it never even being delivered in the first place or more like never got the title of "starting task" or "task started" which are the following steps after "waiting\Planned Task"


Regarding my request, i would say it is more of a requirement for any application which is able to run tasks to have a stop function in case of user error and such.

Pay special attention that if you try to run a task that may have a faulty setting in it which could cause a disaster to a server in the organization it is imperative to be able and stop it asap. NOT having such a function is rendering this version a risk to everyone(!!) I can only suggest as a client, and i'm sure many others can relate to that.

If I don't have a functioning application, a remote administration tool, that I can give to a helpdesk senior (that works under a sysadmin) and they do a mistake, ESET won't get me a fix or an issue "STOP!" button to deal with it until December if at all. This might as well be considered a Beta product that shouldn't have been released to public.


Can you understand my point Michal?

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  • ESET Staff

I get your point, but still I need to provide some more information, ERA is a agent-server based system, where agent is the one that initiates communication.

Basically, when you create a task, task is created and will wait, until a next replication interval, when it i transferred to agent. Agent then starts executing the task, and will report such state back, upon next replication.

If you have for example a 20 minute replication interval, it might take up to 20 minutes, until the task is delivered, and then another 20 minutes, until you get another "update".

The same is valid, in case of a 1 minute interval, with the exception, that the loop is shorter. In case of the task you are mentioning, issue is, the task is delivered however server does not have a way, how to know this, as for all other events, it´s the agent who notifies. This time, there is no more agent, as the agent might already be uninstalled / is in the process of un-installation. We are seeking other possibilities for solution of this particular problem.


We are working on adding the option to have the possibility to stop running tasks, but you need to take into account that ERA is not a real-time system, and all actions are delayed by the replication interval configured in the agent policy settings. Just to be sure, what you do consider as a "faulty setting" for a task?

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An actual error i had when i first upgraded to ERA 6, 

I tried to install EEA on a domain controller by accident, (didn't realize there is a File server product and that i need to create a different task for it)


It cause the server to go into a crash loop causing the entire office to have hard time functioning when Active Directory is getting bashed up due to faulty installation.


only after i erased the task completely it stopped.


That's an example of Faulty Setting for a task.

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