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After Installing ESS 6 : I'm locked out of my hard drive

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I just installed ESET Smart Security 6 on my brand new Lenovo G580 Laptop running Windows 8 after removing MS Office 2013 and McAfee Security Suite and running Windows Update on the laptop.  After restarting the laptop after ESET updates itself, I am locked out of my C boot drive where Windows resides.  


Strangely enough, I can boot Windows, start Google Chrome, Firefox (all of which reside in C:\) but can not access it inside Windows Explorer.  I also can't install anything either.  I did a system restore and the laptop does the same thing after installing ESET.  Here is a screenshot of the problem.



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  • Former ESET Employees

I think newer Lenovo computers have Intel Anti-Theft pre-installed. First manually uninstall ESET Smart Security then try the steps below:


  1. From the Start screen, press the Windows key windows_key_icon.jpg + W to search for settings.
  2. Type Add or remove programs into the search bar and click Add or remove programs from you search results.
  3. Look for Intel AT or Intel Anti-Theft.
  4. Double click to start the uninstaller.
  5. After the uninstall finishes restart the computer and install ESET Smart Security.
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Actually i dont think eset is the responsible software here.

Yet i am sorry for your troubles.

These types of issues are my favorite to troubleshoot.

Try these few steps and post back your results please...

Open an elevated command prompt if possible.

Try from task manager and new task c:\windows\system32 to see if you have access there or....

Windows key +R or search for it with cmd in Windows key +w

Right click and choose Run as Administrator.

Within command prompt type "net user administrator /active:yes

If completed successfully.... logout and sign back in under the local admin account.

If possible try access to c: under that account.

If successfull you can re-add your permissions back for your personal profile account, as well as other system accounts and repair ownership as well.

If you reach this point successfully i will help going forward.

With respect, please submit your sysinspector log as AlexJ stated, to eset first so they may research and plan as well.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello PolakTom101,


were you able to restore permissions on your system according to Arakasi's advice?

If you were successful please try version 7, it contains many fixes some of them may be helpful in your case.


Please keep us informed.

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Nope, I can't use anything that uses the prompt "Run as Administrator".  Thanks for the advice Arakasi though.  I had do another system recovery and reset the laptop to its factory state to recover the Sysinspector Log.  I performed Windows Update, removed McAfee, MS Office 2013, installed FF & Chrome before running this.  Though, I have not YET install ESET SS.  I have e-mailed it to ESET and it is listed under Ticket #1062090.


I will now try to install ESET SS 7 and report back on the results.

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Can you open a command prompt at all ?

If so then you can use "runas /noprofile /user:machine\administrator cmd" and open an elevated command prompt that way then run "net user administrator /active:yes"

Then log onto the Admin account to check C:


Or if you can, go the normal route and go with Windows key + R and type compmgmt.msc and go to users & groups and enable the Admin account that way.....


When you say reset to factory, did windows reload ? If so sorry you had so much trouble. Were here if you end up back in that situation.

There are many more loop holes to repairing and would be glad to help !!


Good luck !

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