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Remote installation of Agent to offline computers


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With the Remote Installation method (Method II : hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3595/),what happens if some computers are offline when the task is scheduled to run ? I suppose agent is never deployed in that case, and you should make the task run on daily basis for exemple.


But in case you run the agent deployment task on computers that already have the agent, I think the agent will be reinstalled everytime the schedule is run.


Am I correct that the agent would be reinstalled every day on computers that have it already in this case ? What's the best way to deploy agent on all computers of the domain, making sur that offline computers will install agent next time they'll be started and that computers already having the agent are not installing it eveytime the task is fired ?




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Hi, I am having the same issue. I do not want to push this with GPO so i am going to try and work with the dynamic groups in ERA itself. I guess with correct filters it should be possible to start this task on targets in the right AD group, which do not have the agent installed and are online (responding to ping or whatever).


Will report back if i am succesful.

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Just gona cote a line from the manual. This is under Trigger:

As Soon As Possible - Executes the task as soon as the client connects to ESET Remote Administrator Server and receives the task. If the task cannot be performed until the Expiration date, the task will be removed from the queue - the task will not be deleted, but it will not be executed.



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