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Deploying ERA v6 Appliance on esxi with IP failover on a different network that the gateway

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First, sorry in advance for my english, I'm not very good in this language... (I'm french :P )


I'm deploying an ERA v6 appliance on a virtual serveur managed by esxi (free version).

Note that this ERA server is for MSP usage.

Loading the OVA file is ok (without networks parameters, because no vCenter).


First problem :

My gateway (62.210.xxx.xxx) is on an other network than my ip (212.83.xxx.xxx).

Even if I write the good IP and gateway in the ovf.xml file, there is no connection.


On my others linux virtual servers, I added two post-up and two post-down lines in /etc/network/interfaces file and all is working. But in ERA v6 appliance, there is no /etc/network/interfaces file.


So at each restarting of the server, I must to connect me on the management console to access the command line, then manually add the route and default gateway (route add xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx dev eth0 and route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)


Is there any way to add routes automaticaly ? Better, is it possible to include that setting directly in the ovf.xml file ? (On a future version, maybe ?)


Second problem :

Is there any way to change the default local on the command line ? At each start, I must write "loadkeys fr" to have french keyboard...


Thanks in advance for the answers !

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Finally, I found the answer:
You have to create a file : /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 with the following lines:
gateway_ip dev eth0
default via gateway_ip dev eth0
Now it's working.
It could be a good thing that ERA create this file automaticaly when the gateway isn't on the same network that the IP address ;) 



Last problem : How to change permanently the page code on the command line...

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