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  1. Rectification: "ecmd /setfeature antistealth pause" works, but only from ERA. Not in Administrator Command Line.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to enable/disable HIPS feature like the others ? And "ecmd /setfeature antistealth pause" don't work for me... Thanks for the reply !
  3. The upgrade can take many hours, if you have lot of computers. See this topic :
  4. Hello everybody, I had the same problem, and this topic allowed me to solve it. Indeed, the update can take very long! For exemple, my ERA database is between 7 and 8GB (224 computers in ERA), and it took several hours to make the upgrade. It is therefore necessary to grin and bear it, and to anticipate the upgrade to make it in a period where it does not interfere with your activity. And to the attention of Eset: would it be possible to make more visible the KB that you published, because if we don't go on this topic, it's very difficult to find it. (And a french translatio
  5. Hello, Since April 15, I regulary have detections by ESET Endpoint Security (v6.3 and v6.4): "Detected covert channel exploit in ICMP packet" (In french: Intrusion d'un canal dissimulé dans un paquet ICMP détectée). I had trouble understanding where it came from, and in fact, every time the IP specified relate to Skype contacts with whom I talk. Is it really an exploit or a false positive? Thank you in advance for your answer. David PS : Sorry for my bad english...
  6. Ok for RDSensor. I have tested and it works fine ! Thanks ! Concerning push install through ERA Proxy, it could be a very usefull improvement! Especially in the case of MSP! So if you can add this functionnality in a future version... Thank you in advance !
  7. Hello, I have an ERA Server on a dedicated server from which I manage multiple LANs via ERA Proxy. I would like to know if there is any way to perform a push installation via ERA Proxy on local computers. Similary, is ESET Rogue Detection Sensor capable to detect the machines on different LANs? If yes, where should be installed RDSensor? On the same machines as the ERA Proxy? Thank you in advance for your answers, and sorry for my English more than average. ---------------------- In french : Bonjour, J'ai un serveur ERA sur un serveur dédié à partir duquel je gèr
  8. Hello, Finally, I found the answer: You have to create a file : /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 with the following lines: gateway_ip dev eth0 default via gateway_ip dev eth0 Now it's working. It could be a good thing that ERA create this file automaticaly when the gateway isn't on the same network that the IP address Last problem : How to change permanently the page code on the command line...
  9. No difference. Precision : There is no dhcp. I didn't find your screen after manual configuration. The gateway has been written in the ovf.xml file during manual configuration.
  10. First, sorry in advance for my english, I'm not very good in this language... (I'm french ) I'm deploying an ERA v6 appliance on a virtual serveur managed by esxi (free version). Note that this ERA server is for MSP usage. Loading the OVA file is ok (without networks parameters, because no vCenter). First problem : My gateway (62.210.xxx.xxx) is on an other network than my ip (212.83.xxx.xxx). Even if I write the good IP and gateway in the ovf.xml file, there is no connection. On my others linux virtual servers, I added two post-up and two post-down lines in /etc/network/inter
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