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Address has been blocked for audio stream in browser (HTML5)

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We are developers of internet radio website putinradio.com.


We faced a problem with Eset Security.

We have HTML5 webpage with <audio> tag on it.

Audio source stream points to stream.putinradio.com:8000/mystream

We have Icecast server 2.4.1 running on stream.putinradio.com:8000


When user opens the page on putinradio.com and clicks play button, 

ESET warning window popups with message "Address has been blocked"

It blocks audio stream as well as JSONP callback to hxxp://stream.putinradio.com/sse?callback=radio_get_np_callback


We would like to know if we can prevent this window popup on default user settings


Maybe we need to recofigure our servers somehow?


Browsers tested: Firefox/Crome/IE

ESET version: ESET Smart Security 7 (v. 7.0.325.1)








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Try to upload file to a site as every day i did but after upgrade to eset 9 i cannot upload files any more 

html5 or non html5 says error uploading file...

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