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Product Suggestion - ERAS 6 - Eliminate some moderators and actually support your product by replying to these forums!

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Agreed. ESET creatd these forums but we only get a handful of replies from ESET Staff. Don't get me wrong, the replies are helpful (Marcos is particularly helpful) but we really do need more forum support.

Or would ESET prefer that we absolutely inundated their support staff by opening tickets, even though that means no-one else benefits from the answers given?

Come on ESET, get some resources on these forums please....

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  • ESET Moderators



we are aware of the higher amount of unanswered ERA 6 threads.


I'm collecting the questions and customers' scenarios and we will have a separate meeting with ERA Dev team in order to answer as many of them as possible.

Answers should be available tomorrow.


The primary purpose of the forums is for the community to engage and allow users to discuss topics and issues together and help each other.

Nevertheless, we will do our best to answer the most frequent and intricate issues.


Thank you for your understanding.





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Thank you P.R., much appreciated.


The forums add great benefit, as people can go and search for answers/solutions/discussions. But unless there's an increase in the number of answers, people will abandon the forums and raise tickets instead, and that will be worse for ESET.


Forum support was better back in the days of Wilders Security, but hopefully this can get better too.



Thank you, to all the moderators, for all the answers that they do post.




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I have always had great things to say about ESET/NOD32.

I have 800 licenses that will be used and I really need some answers soon.

I also created a great .pdf file with the help of jimwillsher's instructions on how to update your Agents.

I tried to upload it and nobody can read it!!




word of mouth is great when it's positive....

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  • Former ESET Employees

Thank you for providing feedback on your experience with our products. Our users are our top priority and we value your input as it helps us with continuing product and service improvements. With the new line of business solutions, completely re-engineered to ultimately deliver a better product, there has been an increased demand in customer support. Please be assured that we have been working on realigning our resources to make sure we can meet everyone’s needs. For example, we now have ongoing meetings directly with our business products developers to get answers to your questions as quickly and accurately as possible. We’ll continue to address every open thread and we appreciate your continued patience as we work through your requests.

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