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    jimwillsher gave kudos to Marcos in ESET cloud console - feature comparison?   
    Both ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud are 99% same in terms of functionalities and features. Also the features you've asked about are present in both.
    There is also an interactive demo of ESET PROTECT Cloud at https://www.eset.com/int/business/demo/.
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    jimwillsher received kudos from KevinG in ESMC 7.2 breaks after Windows Server 2019 Updates   
    You'll have to do this after every java update I'm afraid. Your steps are spot on, except you don't need any reboots. if Tomcat isn't running you just go into tomcat9w as you rightly say, then update the java path, then start tomcat service. I had to do it again on Monday.
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    jimwillsher received kudos from MichalJ in Use of "Run command line" task   
    Great to hear this this is going to be improved, I have some fairly complex PowerScript commands that I execute via the run command.
    For example I have commands which will:
    Download TeamViewer Download a config file Install TeamViewer using msiexec Email me the TeamViewer ID from the registry.  
    Getting this to work took time, and seeing all this on a single line script is horrible to maintain :) So seeing an improved experience will be fantastic.
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    jimwillsher gave kudos to Marcos in Sync Issues in Outlook for Microsoft 365   
    The ultimate solution will be a reworked add-on which is planned for Endpoint 8.1. It's basically ready, there are just some minor bugs that need to be sorted out.
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    jimwillsher gave kudos to MartinK in Use of "Run command line" task   
    Yes, in case of multiple commands, one have to enter delimited one-liner, as it would be done in one-line BAT file.
    Just a note, this will be improved in upcoming released, where multi-line commands will be possible, which should simplify such scenarios.
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    jimwillsher gave kudos to Marcos in Does the update to 7.3.2039 from 7.3.2036 require a reboot?   
    It doesn't. Only upgrade from an older version than 7.3.x does.
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    jimwillsher gave kudos to Marcos in Product Enhancement request   
    I would recommend posting this in https://forum.eset.com/topic/14271-future-changes-to-eset-security-management-center-eset-remote-administrator which is monitored by ESET staff who is responsible for deciding about features to implement.
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    jimwillsher gave kudos to MichalJ in Request for feedback on a plan to change handling of Potentially Unwanted & Unsafe Applications   
    Hello, we will be rolling out this change by the means of a module update in the upcoming weeks.
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