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Migrating from on-prem to cloud Protect issues

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Hi All,

I have a ticket raised with support but thought I would put the question out there as I think they are also confused to what is happening.


some information about our setup - 

An agent is installed via group policy to any computer in the domain. 

Once the agent is installed it is placed into a dynamic group "No Eset" 

A task will then install Eset Endpoint Security


We are migrating from On-prem to cloud. I had a test bed of around 10 machines that migrated over ok. I then started to move the rest of the machines over however the agent was not updating correctly -  It was still pointing to our on Prem server, however the certificate was for our cloud instance. This put the machines into a "no mans land" meaning I cannot administrate from either console. 


The issue is that the Eset firewall is turned on for these devices without any rules added (which are normally  applied via policy) so certain things are being blocked such as vmware horizon for our VM's and rdp.


We have tried deploying the agent via pdq deploy and using the eset remote deployment tool however these fail to update what server the agent is looking at. The only work around we have found is to manually run a repair on the agent and change the Server/port.


So my question is, how can I do change the agent server/port without having to manually go to each machine? I thought deploying the new Cloud agent to the affected machines would have resolved the issue however I may be wrong.


Any help is greatly appreciated. I can supply the status log from a machine that is fine and machine that is not if that helps.

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Would it be possible to re-deploy the current management agent via a GPO for instance if the machines are in a domain? How did you initially deploy it?

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I have  tried that and still for some reason it picks up the on-prem server information. I originally added the new agent to the GP and found that I was having issues. I then tried to migrate the machines using the migration policy but as some machines are no longer talking to either instance I am stuck.


I have tried redeploying the agent again to the stuck machines using pdq deploy however they still retain the same on-prem server information. 


Is there any way I can remotely change the agent server information without having to use either the cloud or on-prem console?


Many thanks 

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I managed to resolve the issue. 


I used PDQ Deploy to create a batch file calling wmic to uninstall the agent on machines that were not reporting in see below for command.

wmic product where name="ESET Management Agent" call uninstall


This removed the agent from all machines that were stuck in between on-premise and cloud,


I then deployed the agent also using PDQ Deploy ( Used the 7 day free trial although I am planning on purchasing now as its a very useful tool)

Hopefully this helps someone else who is also having issues with migrating.



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