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MFA shows old server name - how to fix?

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I have on-prem ESET Protect v8 (not yet upgraded to v9)


ESET PROTECT (Server), Version 8.1 (8.1.1223.0)
ESET PROTECT (Web Console), Version 8.1 (


When I enable MFA for a user, and they go through the registration process, registration succeeds BUT shows as an old server name in the iPhone app. We previously had the software installed on a server SHVMHOST.ABC.local and it's now on SH01.ABC.local, but the MFA process registers it in the app as "ESET PROTECT Joe Bloggs at SHVMHOST.ABC.local.

How can we change that name to something more friendly, or at least the current name of the server?

Happy to edit via SQL Server if required.

Many thanks.


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I would recommend to start by mentioned SQL and modify server_identificator in the table tbl_servers, but I am not sure this is actually enought for enrollment of mobile devices, but at least is should not breaking anything. Also note that hostname present in this DB table is shown in generated reports.

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