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  1. Gonzalo, It appears you were indeed correct about the version number. Thanks for the quick support this morning ESET! Caleb and Chris did an excellent job with following up. Dante'
  2. the screenshot also shows that the language is English. I think you may be mistaken about the .2 =\
  3. Hi Gonzalo, I'm not sure that the last digit is the language since I have 6.2.2021.0 on all my other machines and the agent versions have always ended in 0. they are all English. The issue is that I have the most updated version installed on my pilot PC's and when I check in ERAS I am being told there is a newer version (6.2.2033.2)! That is what I was trying to show in the screenshots. The one I took with the MSI editor is just to show what version they are showing in the actual MSI Possibly they just forgot to edit the highlighted areas from 6.2.2033.0 to 6.2.2033.2...
  4. No answer from ESET huh? Doesnt surprise me. So I will tell you my findings.. ESET pushed to a PC through ERAS - Installs 6.2.2033.0 (even though it says it is package 6.2.2033.2!) ESET downloaded from Website shows version as 6.2.2033.0 AS far as I can tell 1. THERE IS NO 6.2.2033.2! 2. They didn't change the version number in the MSI 3. Why am I still using this product!! So annoyed!
  5. Interestingly enough ERAS shows an update available (using PUSH at 6.2.2033.2) I need the .msi so I can edit it first and noticed the .msi that you download from eset is 6.2.2033.0?? How can I get the MSI that is at 6.2.2033.2? If I'm piloting the new version..I want to make sure I have the new version....
  6. Well I created my new GPO to upgrade versions (6.1.2222.0, 6.1.2227.0,6.2.2021.0) Applied on 3 machines we shall see... Changelog Version 6.2.2033.x Added: Search field for long lists and rules (for example, Antispam list, Web control list, etc.) Added: Plugin for Office 2016 Fixed: Incorrect parameters displayed in overview when creating scheduled task in Scheduler with weekly repetition on Windows 10 Fixed: Firewall profile not overtaken during migration from ESET Endpoint Security 5 to ESET Endpoint Security 6 Fixed: SSL Certificates not overtaken after MSI upgrade from
  7. OK Since we seem to be ESET's test bench guys.. PLEASE post if you encounter any issues. I will pilot this also and report back.
  8. BUMP Please update if you find that you didn't install the .dll correctly Thanks for posting!!
  9. If you have applied the .dll fix please post up and let us know your findings. e.g. Freezing on client PC's stopped, new issues to report, didnt help.. maybe if everyone answers in this format... Server Version - 6.2.2021.0 Server Type - Virtual appliance or M$ Server 2008... bit - x64 or x86 Patch Used - TY
  10. It might help to copy the agent cert/server cert to separate text files. This way you can copy paste from there into orca. you can also edit the ENDPOINT msi
  11. Did you use the instructions from the ESET site to create the GPO? I tried to do that, and it does not work. I even worked with ESET support for about 4 hours and they were not able to help me setup a GPO to install the agent or the client. I'd love to know if you did anything specific in your environment that may not be on the documentation. I did use the instructions from ESET. Worked like a champ?
  12. I have set up GPO's that not only push out ESET Remote Administrator Agent and ESET Endpoint Security, but also Upgrade older versions!! The beauty of doing it this way is there is no pushing on my part. When a new Endpoint version is available I: 1. edit the MSI with ORCA create the MST 2. Update the GPO to upgrade older version. 3. email staff that their devices must be restarted that night. 4. When they log in they get a verbose message that explains that ESET is getting installed. done When the GPO runs for the first time it creates an entry in the registry, then once the so
  13. Here is what I have done to alleviate the problem 1. Run M$ Hotfix KB2664888 2. Restart Machine 3. Update ESET Agents to 4. Update ESET Endpoint to 6.2.2021.0 What does the patch do? It updates the file netio.sys What was causing the freezing? When the ERA agent was upgraded to, the new version incorporated a different kind of API. This new API on the server end has a fatal communication issue with client Windows 7 PCs running an old version of NETIO.SYS. NETIO.SYS is a Windows device driver located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder. It is used to sup
  14. I checked at ESET and it says newest version is I have installed?? AND YES ITS FREEZING OUR WIN 7 PC's it is a Virtual Appliance BTW
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