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Feature request - add the to the log object the headers of the infected email


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I wish to ask that when you log an incident of an infected email - please add the email's full headers, to any possible alert/logging object - the GUI log, the email you send to the admin regarding the event and possibly to ESET for reputation scoring and research.


It wil be nice if all of the above will be user controled, on/off, as part of the configuration GUI.


These details will help us all in learning from the incident and possibly block future attacks with similar attributes.


Thank you,




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Well if all the e-mail headers would be showed in the single-line log entry which is shown in the GUI you would see nothing, because the e-mail headers just wouldn't fit into this small one line.

If you submit an email to ESET you should already send the headers too. In Microsoft Outlook you can do this by "dragging and dropping" the mail into the new mail. This way the original source of the mail will be sent.


And last but not least: If you want to look at the headers you can just use the possibility in your mail client and show them. :)

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1. The display issue is really minor. it can be divided into seperate lines.

2. Depending on the NOD32 settings - the email can be deleted, so one cannot see the headers. even if the email is not deleted - the headers are archived "out of band" on the log.


Can someone from Eset reply?

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