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I think it's a virus, but I'm not sure

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Hope you guys can help.  I've been having a problem with my system that acts like a virus that NOD32 can't remove.


Here's what happens.  Using the system normally, everything working fine.  Then a popup comes up from NOD32 saying it found a threat, usually in the registry.  At that point the system slows to a crawl.  If I open the NOD32 window and go to statistics it's acting as if it's running a scan, constantly checking files, or at least that what it looks like.  I've let it run and it goes on forever.  Last time I stopped it at 5 million items checked!  In addition the security level in IE is changed and no longer allows downloads.


I ran a full scan yesterday and it found 2 items, cleaned by deleting.  Then this morning the same issue popped up.


Rebooting the machine clear the problem unit it pops up again.



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