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ESET PSA Plugin - Autotask

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I am attempting to configure the ESET PSA plugin with our PSA tool Autotask, are there any specific requirements that need to be configured on the Autotask side for this to work? I have configured a API user with System API security level.

I am using the UK Zone URL.

the Error i am getting is - Connection failed, Autotask returned error InternalServerError (Internal Server Error)

If i try a different URL or unknown username i get a Unauthorised error which suggests i am using the correct URL?

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Nathan Warren - REformIT,

would you mind sending an email (rmmintegrationteam@eset.com)  to me and my team, who are working on the PSA Plugin?

We will try to advise you via email as it main be easier.

Kind regards,



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