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  1. I do agree with you - just interested how other cover migration of clients where machines may not have been online when you migrate a a few weeks later you end up with a bunch of devices in L+F and not knowing what client they belong too without going back to on prem console to check?
  2. Hi Ingemar, No worries, i have just sent you an email with the chain from the tech support ticket i have open with ESET
  3. Has anyone migrated multiple customers from a single on premise protect instance to a single protect cloud instance at the same time? As the devices fall into the lost and found static group in the cloud instance once the migration policy has applied it would not be obvious without backing back on the on premise instance what group the devices came from? Is there a property that gets migrated or one we can set on the on premise so when it migrates we can configure dynamic groups under the lost and found static group based on this property? If this is not possible it will take a long time to migrate customers one by one.
  4. I am attempting to configure the ESET PSA plugin with our PSA tool Autotask, are there any specific requirements that need to be configured on the Autotask side for this to work? I have configured a API user with System API security level. I am using the UK Zone URL. the Error i am getting is - Connection failed, Autotask returned error InternalServerError (Internal Server Error) If i try a different URL or unknown username i get a Unauthorised error which suggests i am using the correct URL?
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