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Rescue Disk and UEFI drives

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I have recently put together a new PC and initialized all drives (SSD and HDD) as UEFI drives. After installing Eset Smart Security I created a rescue disk. After burning the disk I checked to see if it would work. Inserted the CD into the drive, rebooted, entered the BIOS and chose the "UEFI Pioneer BD-RW" boot override option and nothing happened. Repeated the process by now chose the non UEFI option ("Pioneer BD-RW) and successfully booted the rescue disk.


I'm no expert, but I would have thought that the rescue disk creation step would have created an UEFI CD, given that the system is UEFI configured (all other rescue media thus far created - Reflect and Windows - generated UEFI CDs). Any thoughts about the rescue disk not being prepared properly (ie, not a UEFI CD)?


Next, the disk booted and recognized my drives (all 3), so I tried a scan on a UEFI HDD (a pure data disk with little data at this time) and it all appeared to go well. So my question here is: if I scan the "boot sector" will I end up with a corrupted disk with Eset not recognizing that the drive is an UEFI drive?


I suppose I'm a little bit concerned that the rescue CD wasn't a UEFI CD when, as I've said, all other rescue disks are UEFI.



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No the rescue disk isn't a UEFI disk.
But this shouldn't matter anyway - except of the boot option you have to choose of course.
BTW: BD is Blue-ray, isn't it?

AFAIK the boot drive scan should also work with without any issues.
If it booted correctly then it should not matter whether you have a BIOS or a UEFI.

And just FYI there is even a new version of ESET SysRescue available (called "ESET SysRescue Live") based on Linux...

More information here: ESET SysRescue Live released

But I think this creates also a "normal" disc and not a UEFI-boot disk.

And again BTW: Would you like to get some CD/DVD-covers for your CD/DVD? :D
Here you can get them: Picture gallery of ESET robot/android - CD/DVD Cover for ESET SysRescue (Live) - ESET Wallpaper

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