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Inquiry on ESET's Support for Chinese Users in Case of War

Guest Benny Strauss

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Guest Benny Strauss

Dear Developers of ESET,


I am writing to inquire about the company's plan for supporting Chinese users in case of war. As a loyal user of ESET products, I am very concerned about the issue.


In the past few years, ESET has always provided high-quality antivirus software and excellent customer service to users around the world, including China. However, in case of war or political unrest, ESET's business operation and service may be affected. Therefore, I am wondering if ESET has a plan to continue supporting Chinese users in case of war.


I believe that ESET is a company that adheres to ethics and law, and would not participate in any behavior that violates these principles. Therefore, I would like to ask ESET to confirm whether it will continue to provide support and services to Chinese users in case of war.


Thank you very much for your time and attention. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.


Best regards

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