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BP&S Add on slows down Firefox?

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Maybe its me or does the "Browser Privacy & Security" add on have slight performance hit on browsers responsiveness.  I feel like it does slows down Firefox, Its not dramatic change, but I can tell with and without it.

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  • ESET Staff

Currently there in no "Browser Privacy & Security" code affecting network requests or rendered webpage, so I'm not sure, how it can affect performance over browser responsiveness. If you notice any (unusual) slowdown, try to reload page with enabled/disabled extension (just turn it on/off in about:addons).

If there will be visible differences, you can also try to go deeper. Open Performance tool in F12 > Web Developer Tools


click on Start recording, reload website again with enabled extension, then press Capture recording and look for a performance hit caused by extension. Below is an example of report using Ghostery - you can see extension icon, extension name and percentage of performance hit from captured timeframe.


If you find any slowdown caused by our extension, please share it with us.


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