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MacOS not detected by Agent


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Since my users updated to Ventura 13, the agent stopped to see them in Protect cloud

I can see their last connection via the business account dashboard but on the Protect cloud dashboard I see the attached image.

The two in green are the one where I reinstalled ESET and/or reinstalled the agent via command line. but after a day the system doesn't detect them

Reinstalling the agent I followed this link : https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/local_deployment_agent_macos.html

it was working 1-2 days then not anymore.


Does anyone have the same issue? fixed it?


This is not easy as some user are remote. I know they are still protected but ESET Protect cloud think they are not up to date when they are.


Thanks for your help.


MacOs - ESET PROTECT Cloud.png

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12 hours ago, Marcos said:

Please raise a support ticket for help with further investigation of the issue.

Thanks Marcos, will do

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