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whitelist using wildcards and specifying whole domains

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I thought it is possible to whitelist complete domains like that:


action_av = "accept"
action_as = "accept"





But this does not work. Although man eset_smtp says:

"Note also that the section header name can be only domain subset of an  appropriate  fully
       qualified email address as shown in an example below

            av_scan_obj_archives = yes"

Any hints? Is it possible to specify whole domains here or use wildcards?



My work around for now is as follows, which seems to work:



as_approved_senders = "domain1.com"



Thanks in advance for your time!




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Hi Marcus.

Can you PM me the esets.cfg and also eset_smtp_spec.cfg? I will need to take a look and can give you a better response with more information.

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