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  1. I thought it is possible to whitelist complete domains like that: /etc/opt/eset/esets/esets_smtp_spec.cfg: [white-list] action_av = "accept" action_as = "accept" ... [domain.com] parent_id="white-list" But this does not work. Although man eset_smtp says: "Note also that the section header name can be only domain subset of an appropriate fully qualified email address as shown in an example below [domain.com] av_scan_obj_archives = yes" Any hints? Is it possible to specify whole domains here or use wildcards? My work around for now is as follow
  2. We got "newsline-noreply@horizont.net" in our whitelist: esets_smtp_spec.cfg: [white-list] action_av = "accept" action_as = "accept" ... [|newsline-noreply@horizont.net] parent_id="white-list" But a mail was delivered to our spam inbox and not to the user's inbox. How can that be? Could someone please shed some light on this case? Any hints? We configured "bayes" yesterday, but this souldn't result in ignoring the whitelist. Extract of the header of this mail: X-ESET-AntiSpam: OK;86;calc;2014-12-01 17:18:11;1412011718110005;FD8E X-EsetResult: is OK mail.log: Dec 1 17:18:11 z
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