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Could Eset cause Windows Explorer to crash / hang randomly ?

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Since around the time i upgraded  to the latest version of EIS  and even after a fresh instal of it  i seem to have this issue, which never existed  until now, The symptoms are machine becomes unresponsive  and only a restart of explorer/exe  will  restore to normal function, there are no error logs generated in windows   So is there any method that could pinpoint  if this a eset related issue or not ?

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Does temporarily uninstalling ESET make a difference? If you have Windows 10/11, Defender should protect you in the mean time.

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Reviewing my Win 10 Security & Maintenance details, I see two explorer.exe crashes for this month; both related to memory corruption from shell32.dll. 

One would have to review the dump file to really determine the cause. But periodic explorer.exe crashes do occur. Doubt Eset would be source for the crashes.


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