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Download link for ESET Sysrescue Live Version

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What is the official download link for an older version of ESET Sysrescue Live? Version does not run properly on my old computer. I am looking to download ESET Sysrescue Live Version  from an official eset.com link. Alternatively,  could I get the official SHA256 hash for both the ESET Sysrescue Live Version  .img  and .iso

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The only version of ESET SysRescue Live available for download in v1.2.22.0.  Here are the direct download links for that version:

Either image can be written to the appropriate media using standard tools.


Aryeh Goretsky

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Hi Aryeh,

Thank-you for your reply. In my original post I had said that the newest version of  ESET Sysrescue Live does not work properly on my old computer. But I should also have said that version does work properly and even updates with the newest malware definitions. I verified that it works by running it in virtualbox on my old Win10 computer.

My concern is that the .iso and .img files of version that I have were not from eset.com. Can you or someone at ESET  give me the SHA256 hash (or similar secure hash)  of ESET Sysrescue Live version ?  That would be hashes for the .iso and .img files. I am sure that someone at ESET has official copies of this previous version if they could just take the time to look.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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CRC-32: 6a0100f0
MD5: 9fa0fc19d10912f3f5d25a00cdca6643
SHA-1: d354715fb312261481a0922ce9b871450371da78
SHA-256: 7a62ff71010287705abb117bcba6e5dd42fb86e40abd2b4ff25f3e8d78c59cca

CRC-32: 143983d2
MD5: e7b48f7f14b15479394e03f82d457fce
SHA-1: 08072b6c35b0afd75dd31b167d242f1559f4e79e
SHA-256: b819f33580a5d1d2fd44b744efc3aae1a5bb91caf70507023805ccadb3d35503

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