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Rule conflict in HIPS leads to looping (EES 9.1.2051)


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I tried to implement using HIPS in EES 9.1.2051 such a scenario as blocking the launch of any applications from a specific folder except those allowed. Is such a scenario even possible?

To do this, two rules were created in HIPS.

The first rule allows all applications to run programs at C:\New folder\write.exe, and the second rule blocks all applications from running programs at C:\New folder\*.

This setting results in the fact that each time C:\New folder\write.exe is launched, one processor core is loaded, the resources of which begin to be consumed by the parent application.

After that, the parent application cannot be terminated in any way.

Also, the problem repeats if you simply specify the path as C:\New folder\write.exe in the blocking rule.



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