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Rpc message response BUSY

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we have a problem in our client ESET Protect Server

The agent shows 


our server is 

ESET Protect Dell R430
OS : Centos 7
RAM : 32GB
CPU : Xeon E5-2630 v4 2.2GHz
HDD : 2x600GB

ethernet : 2

ESET server version : latest version 9

Mysql ESET Database : Dell R440
OS : centos 7
RAM : 16GB
CPU : Xeon Bronze 3204

ethernet : 2


which handle 15.000 client in agent interval 55 minute with data limit 100MB, the server and database itself in separate ethernet from endpoint user connected. we know this issue after we check the report update and in real condition on the user itself. the replication didn't use proxy, the proxy only use for connect eset service on the cloud (livegrid, update, epns, etc).

we already increase limitfile on eraserver.service but the problem still exist.

is there a way to fix this problem



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18 minutes ago, Marcos said:

The server is overloaded. Please open a support ticket for assistance with further investigation.

we already open ticket with our local support .they suggest to increase the limit file and use their tuning database suggestion but the problem still exist. is there anything we can contact to support ticket beside the local support for this issue.


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The local partner should escalate the case to ESET HQ if they are unable to come up with a solution. You can ask for the ticket number so that I can review the communication pertaining to this case / issue. In the mean time you can provide me with the ID of the ticket you opened with your local partner, I'd try to look it up by that number.

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