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No "scan As Administrator" Option Custom Scan ?!

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Am attempting to follow prior advice regarding consistent blue "opening error" messages in log....

I do not see "Scan As Administrator" offered as an option on my screen, under "Custom Scan"! Only "Scan" or "Cancel"....on lower right and "Save" lower left.  ADVICE? I am the administrator on this machine and am also the purchasor and person registered as owner of of ESET Smart Security...I have already unloaded and re-loaded the product. Assist please?

Thank you.


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Hello, please post this in your already opened topic and don't create a new topic.

It would be good if a moderator could merge this topics.


So for your issue: What operation system do you use? In Windows XP or below this option isn't available, because if you are already logged in as an admin then it automatically scans as the admin.


And just generally: Often a screenshot can be very helpful for other users.

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Scan as admin usually doesn't show if you are logged in under the admin, or an account with admin privileges already. That's why you don't see it under customer etc.

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