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On ESET Protect Create All-in-one Installer :

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Hi all

Have a nice day , Pls help me 

 I can't Create All-in-one Installer on Eset Protect. when i download 





downloading 12% failed


Downloading installers from repository and preparing All-in-one Installer
Failed: Internal server error
my server OS Windows 20126 STD
Disk : 120GB
Ram : 16GB
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I would recommend opening a support ticket since we'll need both a trace log as well as a Wireshark pcap log from a failed download.

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Similar issue...different message...Failed to load data: Object not present in object storage...took 4 tries to get 9.x EndpointAV ll in one to download....working on Server security now....since the download is so sloooow....i am wondering if this is a network/timeout issue on Eset repository side...

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Thank you for yours reply. 
I found my problem, which is due to "hard firewall"  (Fortinet ), on my firewall apply policy filter "security Profiles". Remove it

i can download producr virus by Create All-in-one Installer on Eset Protect.

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