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Como instalar o antivírus Aset Enod32 de modo que funcione corretamente no LInux Ubuntu 20.04?


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Instalei o antivírus Aset Enod32 no Linux Ubuntu 20.04.  Depois de reiniciar a máquina o Antívirus iniciou, porém eu não consigo atualizar. O sistema fica solicitando um Usuário e Senha. Acontece que eu não tenho esse usuário e senha, não me foi fornecido pela empresa. 

Gostaria de saber se alguém sabe o que eu tenho que fazer para esse Antívirus funcionar no LInux UBUNTU 20.04.


I installed Aset Enod32 antivirus on Linux Ubuntu 20.04. After restarting the machine, Antivirus started, but I can't update. The system keeps asking for a Username and Password. Turns out I don't have that username and password, it wasn't provided to me by the company. I would like to know if anyone knows what I have to do for this Antivirus to work on Linux UBUNTU 20.04.  (Sorry, I'm using Google Translate.

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Unfortunately, ESET does not currently offer any product for Linux for home users. We have only ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux which starts with a 5-user license (business product).

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19 hours ago, renatocesar said:

I understood. I'm new to Linux, I like to use this operating system. Do you know an antivirus for Linux Ubuntu home?

As Marcos has mentioned the home version of eset Linux has been discontinued. I belive this was relayed to the costs of running vs the amount of users.

Business products are available e.g. endpoint, but you can't buy a single license has to be about 5

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