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ESET Protect report template for allowed access

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I'm having a problem with setting up report for allowed web controll sites.
ESET PROTECT Server  9.0.2141.0
On client:
ESET Endpoint Security    8.1.2037.2
ESET Management Agent    9.0.1141.0

I would like to log access to a category of sites without blocking or warning the user.

I have a test policy to allow access to a specific website (was also testing with a category)


On Endpoint is shows as a warning


But on the report it does not, only when access rights is set to block or warn

Report configuration


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Thank you for the answer and a quick response.

Will this feature be available again? We've had a customer request to log users going to xxx-rated sites. Was hoping a catalog web control filtering would be a way to do it.

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