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Which task to use for EES and agent updates?


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I was wondering what tasks i should run for updating EES and the agents. Im currently using the modules update every week but does really update the endpoints to newer versions? And does this task also updates the agents?

Or should i use the ESET PROTECT components upgrade task for the agent (or both)?
Im not really sure what tasks applies to what product because i feel like some tasks have the same outcome?

What is the best pratice task to updates products?

thanks in advance

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  • Administrators

You can update agent and Endpoint from the dashboard as shown here:


Click the desired outdated product, e.g. agent and select "Update installed ESET products".

Endpoint can be updated to newer versions automatically providing that you enable "auto-update" of the program components in the advanced update setup via a policy. The first program component update from Endpoint v8.0 to Endpoint v8.1 will become available in approx. 2-3 weeks, 30 days after the release of Endpoint 8.1.

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  • ESET Staff

Also, as of ESET PROTECT 8.1, you can click on the group name, in which you want to update the security products to the latest version and click "update". 


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