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  1. Hello, Is it possible to apply a custom logo to the ESET PROTECT CLOUD web portal or reports? I have this option in my on premise PROTECT server but not in my cloud environment. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I started updating my ESET Protect server because there was a update avaliable but its taking a very long time and i still cant log back in. I get the message: Login failed: Connection has failed with state "Not connected" Is there anything i need to do or is it normal that it takes so long? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, Does anyone know where i can apply a setting or policy to Windows computers which lets me see the third party installed applications? Im trying to do this in a ESET PROTECT Cloud environment. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I want to deploy ESET agents for a company but they had previous Eset Endpoint Security programs installed which are blocking the agent installer on the network. I had this problem before and then i manually installed every ESET agent on all computers but that took a lot of time. The message is telling me that the network path is not found but i can ping the computers. So my question is if it is somehow possible to do this remotely with a work around or do i really need to install every agent manually again? Thanks in advance!
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