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  1. Hello, At this time when you select a couple of report templates for a report they will come in as individual pdf files. I would really like to see a option where i can put all the reports in one PDF file.
  2. Hello, I have always wondered what the difference is between these 2 options. I thought that the modules update was basically the update task to update a product to a higher version but that is definitely the option below it so what does the "Modules update" really do then? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, I was wondering what tasks i should run for updating EES and the agents. Im currently using the modules update every week but does really update the endpoints to newer versions? And does this task also updates the agents? Or should i use the ESET PROTECT components upgrade task for the agent (or both)? Im not really sure what tasks applies to what product because i feel like some tasks have the same outcome? What is the best pratice task to updates products? thanks in advance
  4. Hello, After i deployed a EES update via the ESET Protect control panel a lot of computers need a reboot. That is fine but a lot of people shut their computer off when they go home and when they are at the office again they boot their pc but that does not count as a reboot that EES is requiring. Is there a reason for this? Is it needed to really do a reboot with the Windows reboot button? Thanks in advance
  5. I applied this but i don't think this is causing it. We recently upgraded our policy and i think since then everyone started to get more of their wanted mails in the SPAM. Is there by chance any setting in the mail protection part that could cause this(Beside putting the addresses on the whitelist)?
  6. Hello, A lot of users are receiving some of the mails they need in the spam folder. This is not a issue alone but when the user whitelists the address it keeps getting received in the spam folder! Is there a way to stop this from happening? What policy settings should be changed? Thanks in advance
  7. I entered the url with the protocol included. Without it worked! Thank you very much Marcos.
  8. Do you mean this option? Because i already put the link there without any result.
  9. Hello, I am trying to exclude a website (https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri). It is a website for testing what games your systems is able to run and it is not harmful so i am trying to exclude it in my ESET PROTECT console via a policy but it is not quite working. I put the url in the "URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT" under allowed sites but it is still not working. Is it possible? Thanks in advance Screenshot translation: Found potentially unwanted content This webpage is on the list of websites with an unclear reputation for potentially unwanted content. Return to the previous page?
  10. Hello, Is it possible to apply a custom logo to the ESET PROTECT CLOUD web portal or reports? I have this option in my on premise PROTECT server but not in my cloud environment. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, I started updating my ESET Protect server because there was a update avaliable but its taking a very long time and i still cant log back in. I get the message: Login failed: Connection has failed with state "Not connected" Is there anything i need to do or is it normal that it takes so long? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello, Does anyone know where i can apply a setting or policy to Windows computers which lets me see the third party installed applications? Im trying to do this in a ESET PROTECT Cloud environment. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, I want to deploy ESET agents for a company but they had previous Eset Endpoint Security programs installed which are blocking the agent installer on the network. I had this problem before and then i manually installed every ESET agent on all computers but that took a lot of time. The message is telling me that the network path is not found but i can ping the computers. So my question is if it is somehow possible to do this remotely with a work around or do i really need to install every agent manually again? Thanks in advance!
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