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ESET Network Protection Proxy? I've never had that before Big Sur.

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I know ESET is still working out the bugs with Big Sur. 

But today, I tried installing from our ESMC to my Big Sur system. The agent installed from my MDM, and the agent installed version 6.10.460.1 and expected. 

I had a popup come up that said, "ESET Endpoint Security would like to add proxy configurations" with allow or don't allow as my options. 

Don't allow just causes the box to pop again. 

Allow adds a VPN configuration, which promptly connects.

Is this expected?

Can I turn it off? 

I don't see this anywhere in my policies in ESMC

I'm not seeing this with Catalina or prior. 

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If you don't allow adding the proxy, the system extension will not be installed and Web and email protection will not work. Any program that supports protocol filtering must install a proxy on Big Sur.

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