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Trying to upgrade Password Manager


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I am extremely frustrated.  I cannot find the link to get my account's Password Manager to upgrade while consistently getting messaged that the current Password Manager is "no longer supported".  I have 7 tabs to various Eset websites open YET NONE of them provide the links to what is needed.  It seems this internet tech world is like all others in that there is never a way to get someone on the phone and all these websites are designed to sell stuff or offer answers to questions that I am not asking.  Tell me how to upgrade an existing Password Manager account to Edge in a straightforward recipe without all the additional links to dead ends, logins, Captchas, or Sales BS.




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You have posted in the Endpoint forum, however, the password manager is part of the consumer product ESET Smart Security Premium (ESSP). Do you have ESSP v13.2 or v14.0 currently installed?

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I'm with ALLENPERKINS, got messages that my Password Manager was outdated and I had to upgrade.

Took me friggin' 3 hours to upgrade,but don't ask me how I did it, I think along the way I created a new account, even though I have been using PM a long time.

I already found out that I needed a backup with al my accounts and logins, cause the upgrade does not automatically use the exisiting data.

So I made a backup from version 2. In the 'save' database format, only to find out that version 3 does NOT import from the save database format. You need a XML or CSV. Luckily I used the PM on an other computer as well, so I could make an new export, this time in XML.

After importing the XML file, I found out that it only imported 185 out of 452 logins and I can' t get it to import the rest.
Also different popup windows from the PM will not close and keep cluttering my screen.

As I programmer myself, I know that we all make mistakes, but did anyone make the effort to test this new version at all?


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Hello @ALLENPERKINS and @HanTim,

I'm sorry to hear that you have such experience with it.

Can you please send me and @TomasP a private message with info on e-mail address to which you have registered your PWM store, we will check it with the PWM devs and do our best to resolve the issues with you.


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            If you were using the old password Manager you need to do some VERY IMPORTANT STEPS BEFORE you upgrade


  1. Open Password Manager and export your passwords to an XLM file
  2. Export the config to an XML File 

IF YOU Don’t do this then you will LOSE ALL your passwords and never get them back.


When you have updated the Antivirus you need


  1. Uninstall the browser extension for password manager
  2. Log into the Eset control Panel 
  3. Create a New Password store account under the licence.
  4. Re-add the password manager (now Version 3) which is done from the Eset Control panel.
  5. Import your old Password fi(from XML format file ONLY)
  6. Add any other password manager extensions for other browsers Chrome / Explorer / Edge etc.


After that it seems to work ok.


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