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Detection management for Web Protection module

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ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.2 (7.2.1278.0)
ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.2 (

We are currently managing the Antivirus detection by adding the endpoints to a Dynamic Group and running a Scan Task which if successful it resolves the detection.

My understating is that for the 'Firewall' Module detection, this has to be manually resolved. (Is there any insight of improvements on this?)

For the 'Web protection Module' we have a fair amount of blocked detection 'attempt to connect to URL - Blocked by PUA blacklist/Blocked by Internal blacklist'.  We'd like to auto-resolve/close this if the status is 'blocked'. Is this possible?




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All these detections when the connection is blocked are resolved automatically:


Do you see these records on a colored background? Do you have Endpoint v7.3 installed?

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