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ESET Secure Authentication with Terminal server

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I did not see specific category for ESET Secure Authentication so I am posting here. Using ESA management server and RDP on a Windows Terminal server. Customer connects multiple RDP sessions to this server using Microsoft (CAL) Client access license that allows to connect 25 machines to server. https://support.hostway.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002191484-Microsoft-RDS-Client-Access-Licenses-CALs-#:~:text=A client access license (CAL,an RDS CAL is needed.

With ESA installed, only 2 machines max can connect to this server using the ESA 2fa. If the ESA core service is stopped then more machines can connect to server. Is there any limitation on using 2fa with terminal server? 

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thank you for reaching to us. We are not aware of the limitations you mentioned. Could you please contact our support to resolve your issue (they will most likely require more details).


Kamil - Product Manager.

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