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ESET MSP Remote Administrator Program

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Hey there,


I am the ESET admin at at company that is part of your (ESET's) partner program, and back in Febuary, we moved into the MSP (Managed Service Provider) model for Remote Administration. 




I'm sure I'll mainly have questions that I'm hoping to utilize this forum for, but it was suggested to me by one of the ESET Channel Renewal Specialists that I also use this forum as an avenue for suggesting potential product improvements for the MSP product - these are things that we have found other AV providers to have in their managed solutions that I'm sure ESET is aware of (as they just make logical sense in an MSP security environment) but just in case, wanted to throw it out there (I know this is a new product for ESET and these things take time to develop)


1.) Ability to remove the name of the RA server from Reports so that only the endpoint client name is displayed


2.) In working with the MSP RA, it would be valuable to have another type of report as well.  I would like to see a couple of reports that provide different views of the products installed for a given group with details on which computer they are installed.


There is a report out there that shows the definition level for a given product for a given group, but I believe I am missing several reports that can provide the following:


Report 1: PC computer name ( sorted by computer name )
i. Security Product installed
ii. Definition version


Report 2: Security Product and Security Product Version ( sorted by Security Product Version)

iii. PC computer name that has this version installed ( sorted by computer name )


Report 3: Security Product and version and the count of machines with that version



3.) We recently incorporated the ESET Mobile product to our Secure Mobility solution and were hoping to be able to manage our clients through the MSP RA - but we were told at this time the ESET Mobile product is not supported on the MSP RA - we would definately like to see additional ESET products added to the "Supported" list for the MSP RA product, especially ESET Mobile


4.) **** This is probably the most important one - the ability to do remote push installations and other taks from the MSP RA that you can do with an onsite RA


So that is just my two cents worth -



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  • ESET Moderators

Thanks for the feedback @LocknetSSmith, we will see that this makes it to the correct MSP development team.


Also, regarding this thread and the previous, hxxp://forum.eset.com/topic/220-eset-msp-program/, we're still discussing the best location for MSP feedback and questions and we'll let you know where that is soon--it may be a separate sub-forum just for MSP admins.


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