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Problem with License manager and "Your license has a new name" message


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I bought "ESET Multi-Device Security Pack" product license and used it in my.eset.com/license manager, but now i see "Your license has a new name" and can't manage my devices because of it. When I click "OK, got it" button, page reloads but message still shown instead of my devices list (i reinstalled OS on some of devices and want to remove old items from license). Tested in Firefox and Chrome, with and without addons, incognito mode (no cookies or cache) does not help, too.


Please, remove that message from my license page! Screenshot (yep, Russian):


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Please drop me a personal message with your registration email address for my.eset.com and your public license ID.

A weird thing is that the notification is in English despite having your license manager in Russian. Does the notification continually appear after logging out and logging in to the license manager again?

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