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DEP/Data Execution Protection

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I am curious to know should DEP be enabled or disabled.I don't have any issues.From time to time I run Microsoft tools to check for performance issues and errors.It always state DEP was disabled.Is there any advantages of it being enabled or disabled?Thank you very much.Wouldn' ESET take care of those security issues? :mellow:

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Hi Chris,


I hope my quick version of DEP will answer your questions.

DEP compatible processors and operating systems will prevent malware from running in certain blocks of memory that are designated for instructions only and not execution of applications.

Although ESET has a memory scanner and exploit blocker, while actively watching memory threats, DEP could be thought of as an extra layer of protection; and since it is hardware based, i suspect DEP will prevent a threat from running altogether in memory, while ESET will "catch threats and disable" that have made it into memory or attempted to run.


My recommendation would be to keep DEP turned on for that added layer of security on your system. :)

If you decide you would like to keep DEP on, you should not receive any warnings from Microsoft that it is disabled, and i recommend running the following strings in an elevated command prompt to ensure protection.


Windows 7 & 8 only (XP send a PM) [vista run and hide]

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx optin


Once you have entered these into an elevated command prompt, restart your computer.

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