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    chrlshlmn gave kudos to cyberhash in Kerish Doctor   
    Never heard of it, but ccleaner is free and probably does as much as this paid application.
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    chrlshlmn gave kudos to Nightowl in Kerish Doctor   
    Usually these software aren't recommended by Microsoft , as they tend to touch the registry and sometimes they could break off things
    Automatic Maintenance in Windows does probably just the same , as still you have the Disk Cleanup which changed to another name by Microsoft recently.
    Then CCleaner when moved to Avast if I am not mistaken , they were hacked , yea it happens to all , but still I just dropped the application at all.
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    chrlshlmn gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Mobile Security for Android 3.5 BETA is available   
    Unfortunately the content of websites is not accessible to 3rd party applications (in this case AV) on Android.
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    chrlshlmn received kudos from Peter Randziak in Glad to be back,I saw a difference after install.Thank you   
    After leaving eset for the last 3  plus years  its'  its glad to be back.I used another top brand name security software,and after installing the lastest version,and after about a week of the trial version,I was excited to purchased eset,upon install I noticed a difference the way my machine acted.Very Smooth and Stable,I didn't  know security software could make that big of a difference.What a difference ESET made on my machine.I can't speak for everyone,but I know eset security did for me,So For So Good, Thank You
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