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Future changes to ESET web portals

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The goal of this message thread is to provide ESET with specific feedback on changes and new features you would like to see in future versions of ESET web portals. Please use the following format when providing feedback:

Description: A very-specific one-line description of your feedback.
Detail: A more detailed explanation of your feedback. Please feel free to make this any length, but be sure to use terms everyone can understand. If your suggestion is an extension or update to an existing discussion, please include a link to it in your message.
Here is an example:

Description:  Configuring consumer ESET products via my.eset.com
Detail:  It would be handy if ESET consumer products could be configurable via the my.eset.com portal.

You are welcome to discuss the merits of each and every suggestion, but keep your comments on topic, concise and thoughtful.  There are other parts of the forum to discuss issues.

NOTE:  When making your requests do not offer general suggestions. Requests must be actionable:  If you have a specific feature or functionality you would like to see added (or improved) please post it here, but general requests, such as to "make gui better" are not helpful because they do not give ESET detailed enough information.  Thank you for your understanding.

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