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  1. @Marcos I will recheck the DNS. In the meantime did you find anything interesting from the Logs attached?
  2. @Marcos I changed my reply because if was related to the latency of the ERA_DB it will affecting all the workstations at the same time.
  3. @itman on first computer Edge and Mozilla on second laptop mainly Chrome @Marcos Disabling the web control make the sites work instantly.
  4. @Marcos Our ERA DB is located on another SQL server and our tomcat is x64 (not the same that came up with the installation). Is not a default installation to begin with but we are planning to do the upgrade (or setup a new one) soon after the summer vacations. Thanks, Peter
  5. Hello, In some computers we get about 20-30 secs for sites to load or we get timeouts. When disabling SSL\TLS protocol filtering sites are loading in 1 second. I will attach you a log from the Log collector from one computer to help me investigate this problem. Thanks, Peter pps_ees_logs.zip
  6. @michalJ I meant that my endpoints are so I can't use applications notifications on this endpoints.
  7. Hello, @MichalJ Era is version 6 so I can't use applications notifications. @Marcos @MichalJ First update profile is with proxy and the second is without. I have set up a dual update profile following the instructions: https://support.eset.com/kb3621/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US @Marcos I will try to run the log collector and send you the results. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I get this error from all the laptops when are outside of my company: 6/25/2019 17:33:35 – During execution of %SCANNER% – Module concerned Update on the computer XXXXX, from User: (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) the following event occurred: Server not found. – Description of a non virus event What can I do to eliminate this error? Thanks, Peter
  9. Hello, I set the verbosity to error but I get many email notifications such as Server not found, Error initializing ESHASRV service, Error allocating memory, General compiler error, Cannot establish connection to antispam cloud, antispam is not fully functional and etc. From those error notifications I want to select which type of notifications to receive (for example only the threat ones.) Is there a way to achieve that? Thanks, Peter
  10. Hello @MichalJ just make an AD synchronization and get the computers from there.
  11. Hello, It will be useful to get ip addresses in Lost & found too (computers without the agent installed). Or something to show if a computer is active/online so i can push the agent to this computer only and not in all the category. Thanks, Peter
  12. @wreckitralph that worked! PS:In the next versions should be able to add the categorization hint into a customized message?
  13. I do it but category is not appeared. I reset also all the settings of web control in the endpoint
  14. @MichalJ Should I be able to activate this option within ERA (latest version 6.5.522.0) I can't find any option how to turn it on. Also I can't find an option on endpoint 6.6.2078.5 too. Should I try it to a stand alone version of endpoint (without any connection to ERA)?
  15. Description : Application Identification by hash (SHA1) in the Firewall rule Detail: ESET Endpoint Security 7 (evaluation) can exclude a file from scanning by its SHA1 that would be very useful too if you can use that sha1 to identify specific applications and include them in the firewall rules.
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