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  1. Hello, From the isntructions below: https://support.eset.com/kb5842/ In the screenshot we see that he choose AGENT CERTIFICATE FOR SERVER ASSISTED INSTALLATION but in the video he chooses AGENT CERTIFICATE. which one of them is correct? Thanks, Peter
  2. @wreckitralph that worked! PS:In the next versions should be able to add the categorization hint into a customized message?
  3. I do it but category is not appeared. I reset also all the settings of web control in the endpoint
  4. @MichalJ Should I be able to activate this option within ERA (latest version 6.5.522.0) I can't find any option how to turn it on. Also I can't find an option on endpoint 6.6.2078.5 too. Should I try it to a stand alone version of endpoint (without any connection to ERA)?
  5. pps

    Blank Problem field in alerts

    when the user came back to his computer in the status where all green and also there was no red alert to the era console too. Thanks, Peter
  6. pps

    Blank Problem field in alerts

    Marcos this workstation has ESET Security Products: ESET Endpoint Security 6.6.2078.5 ESET Remote Administrator Agent 6.5.522.0
  7. Description : More detailed problem alerts Detail: No problem description on problem alerts, (see screenshot below), it's the second or the third time that the same thing happens.
  8. Description : Application Identification by hash (SHA1) in the Firewall rule Detail: ESET Endpoint Security 7 (evaluation) can exclude a file from scanning by its SHA1 that would be very useful too if you can use that sha1 to identify specific applications and include them in the firewall rules.
  9. Description : Show website web control category/categories when a page is blocked Detail: Users should know when a page is blocked to which category is categorized. Also is good to have an option from inside the block page to redirect to another page (for example a ticketing system) or report this page to directly to eset in the case of a false positive/miscategorization.
  10. Hello kingoftheworld there are options only for computer extinction not for disabled ones: • Computer extinction handling - If a computer no longer exists, you can either Remove this computer or Skip it. • Group extinction handling - If a group no longer exists, you can either Remove this group or Skip it.
  11. Hello, Description: Exclude disabled computers in AD sync Detail: Exclude disabled computers when running task with Active Directory sync or give the choice inside the task to include or exclude disabled computers
  12. That would be a very useful feature. For 6 different locations we get a report from each of them weekly and a monthly, 30 reports in total monthly 360 yearly. If you can archive those reports with auto generated Yearly and Monthly folders it will help as well.
  13. Description: Disable The Active Notifications Detail: There is no way to disable any active notifications from the below screen.
  14. Hello, IS registration still open? Thanks, Peter
  15. It's not what I mean but that could be useful too if it's implemented in some way. My request is focused in the changes made locally by hand in each workstation and not centrally through ERA Console. Now the team has one password to login to endpoint advanced Setup and we can't trace who pauses the firewall or who deactivates the web control. Is it possible for each user that has access to ERA Console to have a separate password for login to workstations into the Advanced Setup?