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  1. Hello, Need desperately to update the Agent with the Update eset products button. Currently is working only for endpoint products. Thanks, Peter
  2. @DanielJ Hello can you give a screenshot after pressing advanced button?
  3. @danielJ can you create a local admin user and try to access this folder with this new admin user?
  4. can be installed in any profile that has local administrator rights
  5. Description: Distinguish Hyper-V and Esxi servers from Simple Servers or Vm's Detail: In ESET console you can't distinguish a simple VM or Server from a Server that runs a virtualization platform (Hyper-V, ...) and host many vm's inside it. If you accidentally reboot this host then you have all his VM's restarted and can cause a huge mess.
  6. Description: Products versionDetail: See in console the product version Description: Device typeDetail: Device is a laptop, desktop etc.
  7. Description: Icon when clients are up to date with latest policies Detail: In Computer screen it would be helpful if there is an icon that you can see that clients are up to date with all the latest policies (such as status column)
  8. Hello @Marcos Then why It seems that an Endpoint Policy is applied in a file Security Product? It should be mentioned that the policy is for different product and it can't be applied.
  9. @Marcos do i still need a separate policy to change the password for Eset Endpoint Products and File Security Products?
  10. Description: Global Policy Detail: for example, I am in need to change the Access Setup Password in 5 different policies 3 for Endpoint and 2 for File Security. The easiest way is to introduce a global policy that is enforced over the other policies
  11. Hello @MichalJ just make an AD synchronization and get the computers from there.
  12. Hello, It will be useful to get ip addresses in Lost & found too (computers without the agent installed). Or something to show if a computer is active/online so i can push the agent to this computer only and not in all the category. Thanks, Peter
  13. @wreckitralph that worked! PS:In the next versions should be able to add the categorization hint into a customized message?
  14. I do it but category is not appeared. I reset also all the settings of web control in the endpoint
  15. @MichalJ Should I be able to activate this option within ERA (latest version 6.5.522.0) I can't find any option how to turn it on. Also I can't find an option on endpoint 6.6.2078.5 too. Should I try it to a stand alone version of endpoint (without any connection to ERA)?
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