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  1. Windows Security/Defender had these folders locked down in the "Controlled folders." Once I turned off this controlled folder access I was able to manipulate my documents folders (and all others) with no issue, even after uninstalling ESET. Thanks to Marco and Petey and ITman. Special shoutout to itman's patience and petey's diagnosing skills. Feels good to have this resolved and I'm more confident than before that ESET is above reproach and worth purchasing a license. Thanks again!
  2. I don't believe that eset's Anit-Theft is enabled. eset_go_Logfile.zipeset_no_Logfile.zip attached are the Procmon logs: "eset_no_logfile" is without eset installed. I attempted to delete an item from my documents while running procmon. "eset_go_logfile" is with eset installed.I successfully deleted an item from my documents while running procmon.
  3. I've done a lot of troubleshooting in here so it's probably jumbled a bit. trying to allow myself or "everyone" or adjusting the Admin permissions. Some of this I've done in safe mode. I only have one created account on the PC which is the bottom principal in this list.
  4. I disagree, The bottom line is my PC worked before installing ESET and will continue to work with it installed BUT will NOT work if I uninstall it. So I MUST pay $$$$ to ESET if I want to continue using my PC. IF there is something else going on I don't know. Perhaps there is another root problem that is causing the issue, like some malware. BUT eset doesn't find any walware or corruption on my PC....so either ESET can't find the root problem or IT IS the root problem. <video removed> Watch me hit all the buttons to "fix" my problem with ESET settings THEN not be able to delete the items in my documents after uninstall eset. Implying that I'm lying doesn't really help us find the solution. Just because it's not happening to more people does not mean it's not happening to me. I am 100% willing to admit that I'm misdiagnosing the issue but the evidence/troubleshooting we've do so far does not show any movement on that front.
  5. Are you saying that if I manually remove everyone it'll fix my problem? I'm not sure how that has to do with your user permissions and my user permissions are identical Additionally they don't change for me when I have ESET installed and when I don't BUT my ability to add/remove/edit items in my documents folder does change. THE ONLY VARIABLE IS ESET.
  6. I manually added Everyone in the hopes that it would give me (as part of everyone) access to these folders.
  7. I have all the same permissions set up with no avail. I concede that something else strange may be happening but I am not convinced that it's not ESET because everything works fine IF ESET is installed and I have the appropriate levels set. How could it be something else. If eset is "resolving" this issue by being installed how can I believe it's not changing permissions when it's the one variable that is allowing or disallowing me to change these folders?
  8. I can troubleshoot that particular suggestion but in the interim, why would ESET change that particular admin level access. It's not something I adjusted, it changed when I installed ESET? Or, would you argue that it was something else that adjusted those permissions?
  9. C:\Users\%username%\Documents technically it's everything under this particular %username% but lets use documents as an example: with these settings: I get the error "You'll Need to provide administrator permission to delete this file" When I allow admin permission by either running as admin or selecting "yes" with the admin symbol I get: "You need permission to perform this action" permission from "%Desktopname%\%username%" When I turn everything to it's lowest setting, either cautious or off, I am then able to delete the same file without any prompts or blockage. When I uninstall ESET completely I receive the same error/permission prompts and am unable to adjust any permission/folder settings to gain access to this folder.
  10. ESET has the power to lock me out of my own "my documents" folder and every settings system within it. I can' turn this off by adjusting "Real-Time & Machine Learning Protection," all choices to either "Cautious" of "Off." Whenever these changes revert OR if I decide to uninstall ESET....eset removes my admin permissions on the way out!?? Am I being forced to keep this software on my PC and pay a price to...I dunno PAY A RANSOM" to use my PC?! please advise on how to properly uninstall eset without destroying all my user/admin permissions.
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