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  1. @Marcos Hello I will open a ticket but I think It's a bug in Scanner Email filter- Outlook.
  2. Hello, In Detections of Endpoint security the scanner Email filter - Outlook , does not show the real sender. So you get misinformed about which user has been infected and sends you e-mail. I can't attach the screenshots here because they contain much personal info but I can send you the screenshots in a pm. Thanks, Peter
  3. Hello, Indeed that must be changed to something lthat shows ETA like: "estimated time left 10 minutes". Users are impatient. Peter
  4. Hello I already reported (yesterday) through blocked page's link. "Report incorrectly blocked page"
  5. Hello, I get this error: Virustotal says this url is safe: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7b35ec4fe3124fbbad21bae0ef7b39bba2f71c1949f8e1857e8e71d4e9428018/detection Thanks, Peter
  6. Hello, Since today I get an error message while I run the task Active Directory Sync Daily Schedule CN=Computers I used different AD servers and different creds and server reboot but no change. Before one week was working fine. Also when I edit the task when I complete the password I get an: Failed to load data: Input not valid: Validated value is empty Thanks, Peter
  7. Hello, Page is unavailable. https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall 404 We are sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found Thanks, Peter
  8. Hello, Need desperately to update the Agent with the Update eset products button. Currently is working only for endpoint products. Thanks, Peter
  9. @DanielJ Hello can you give a screenshot after pressing advanced button?
  10. @danielJ can you create a local admin user and try to access this folder with this new admin user?
  11. can be installed in any profile that has local administrator rights
  12. @Marcos is any official answer from ESET, is there any builtin protection or is gonna to be one?
  13. Hello, As I know if you run eset uninstalltool in safe mode you can uninstall agent and endpoint. If a zero day ransomware reboots the pc into safe mode is there any client settings to be enabled to prevent the ransomware from uninstalling the endpoint security? https://www.zdnet.com/article/snatch-ransomware-reboots-pcs-in-windows-safe-mode-to-bypass-antivirus-apps/ Thanks, Peter
  14. Hello, Is Windows 7 enterprise sp1 and eset endpoint 7.2.2055.0 compatible? I have 3 machines and I can't install endpoint security from esmc and from exe installer. Thanks, Peter
  15. Hello @MichalJ where I would send the server trace log? I will contact support via https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact Thanks, Peter
  16. Hello, I select only 10 logs and tried to resolved them: I get the below error: Any opinions here on this error? Thanks, Peter
  17. Hello, I have not receive this error again on this pc after restart. Is it safe to assume that this error has resolved before the restart or after the restart? however it could be very handful If the resolution of this error is mentioned in the event log file. Thanks, Peter
  18. @Marcosplease check those sites: https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-45/product_id-66/version_id-326213/Apache-Http-Server-2.4.39.html https://httpd.apache.org/security/vulnerabilities_24.html
  19. Hello, This morning all clients that upgraded to Windows 1903 get this warning: In ESMC console there is no such indications. a. Which is correct the warning or the ESMC console? b.Is this warning some issue between windows version 1903 and endpoint 7.1.2053.0 and 7.2.2055.0? Thanks, Peter
  20. Hello, Do we have any feedback regarding this issue?
  21. Hello, Apache HTTP Proxy 2.4.39 has multiple Vulnerabilities we are advised to upgrade to 2.2.41 or newer. Do we have an ETA when 2.2.41+ will be released? Thanks, Peter
  22. Hello, We are still receiving email notifications from a notebook that left the company. How we can make them stop without any physical interference to the users notebook? 11/11/2019 20:40:11 xx Kernel – Module HTTP filter – Threat Alert triggered on computer XXX: https://****************** contains HTML/ScrInject.B trojan. Thanks, Peter
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