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  1. Both those devices were reassigned to new users and the computers given new names. Is there any way to separate them from the "Multiple products" listing?
  2. I just started using EBA today coming from ELA to find more info on what machines were activated. Why is EBA grouping 2 machines under a "Multiple Products" heading and how can I separate them? There is no issue here except that I would like them separate like all others. Thanks
  3. Does ESMC need to be installed on the administrator profile or can it be installed under a user profile?
  4. Thanks for the reply. The ESMC agent was deployed successfully to all clients but only 2 have reported in. Those 2 are brand new installs and never had the previous version ERA installed. If I try to send a wake up call it fails. What else can I do to get them to report in?
  5. My server running ERA went down and we didn't have backups of any kind. All Endpoints are still installed and are running 6.4.2014.0. I've now installed Security Management Center and would like to reconnect those Endpoints. It found my computers but they're not reconnecting. Is this possible and if so how can I go about doing this? I appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. I'm trying to install Endpoint Security on 1 last windows 7 box using the ERA and the task keeps failing. I've done this successfully on 30 other machines but this one is a no go. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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