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  1. anyway thank you for the response. If you could find anything that might help, I would be grateful.
  2. thank you for the response. I have already tried to standby my computer for several hours but still the phantom account is showing. I tried to restart it but the phantom account is the only user that is showing in the sign up. I also tried to delete my laptop device to eset anti-theft but still phantom account is showing. Its been almost 20 hours..
  3. Hello there.. thank you for reaponding. I am looking for a way to add again my account on eset anti-theft but if I am right the only way to add my laptop again on eset anti-theft is throught the eset app on my device. Unfortunately i cannot open any user account on my laptop, the main user that which i was using is not on the selection on start menu (missing) and the phantom account asking for the password which i had mo idea what password. In short, I was stuck on sign up of the phantom account asking for the password that I dont know. But if there’s any way you know how to add my laptop device again on eset, i would be eager to try.
  4. Hello there! Good day! I hope someone could help me through this. I just added eset anti-theft on my computer; as I restart my computer I accidentally clicked on the phantom account and it was asking for password but i don’t remember setting any password on that account, also there’s no option to select which account I am going to open as the laptop starts now i cannot open my main user account. I panicked so I immediately log in my eset account on my phone and delete my laptop as a device on anti-theft application. I waited and tried to restart for several times hoping something will change but upto now I had no idea what do to open my main user account.. I hope someone would help me here, I have my upcoming comprehensive exam and all my important documents was on my main user account, so i really need this to solve.. any suggestions would be a great help. thank you
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