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  1. Description: Protecting bank payment mode in modern browsers without IE using Details: If Eset does not support the default browser for the protected mode, then it first must searches for the installed Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome, and IE is used only when there are no alternatives at all. Real life example: I have Vivaldi installed as the default browser, but Eset in this case launches protected banking mode in Internet Explorer, which has long been outdated and can hardly be called a safe browser. The system also has the new Edge and Firefox. After removing IE from the system, Es
  2. Can you give a complete list of supported browsers? Only Firefox, IE, Google Chrome and maybe Edge? I have Vivaldi installed as the default browser - it's a fairly well-known browser, like Brave, for example, but instead of launching it in protected mode or even Edge, which is also installed on the system, Eset launches IE eventually, which seems absurd, since this browser has long been outdated, and at least Edge and Firefox are installed on the system too. I think that Eset needs to change its behavior and stop using the IE corpse, even if it does not support the default browser install
  3. Hi Eset team and especially your product manager! I have been using Eset not so long ago, but I already really like it and I actively defend it on the Internet forums. I have some ideas that I would like to offer you for implementation, so that the product becomes even better and more popular. Description: Add the ability to block any hosts for applications in the firewall rules Details: Eset has one of the most flexible and powerful firewalls on the market, but sorely lacks a feature to block a specific host for a specific application. For example, I would like to block access to google-
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