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  1. Need (allow or disable) pop-up notifications for Firewall on right-click of taskbar icon. Now all you can do is go through each program and set it to display, so many clicks.
  2. Working fine here in US, Detection Engine 28755P
  3. I would like to, but by updating way to many risks.
  4. Oh yeah, make it as hard as they can to cancel auto-renew, its a way for easy revenue. Most people forget, that's what they are counting on. Eset every day make me trust them less and less.
  5. "Sincerely I wouldn't use Safe Banking, it opens the browser with a default clean profile, default FF settings are not the best from a privacy/security perspective." Agree totally.
  6. Like I said, marketing ploy. Just rubbish. Change the name, so many people think "got to have it"
  7. Agree totally! Went back to Work's fine, no duplicate rules as it should be.
  8. What do you mean? When I switch to another firewall they give me no duplicate rules.
  9. Not going to renew, half my subscription wasted. Maybe one day when they get their ducks lined up I will come back.
  10. Thing that is bad with interactive mode since the new version is it askes me twice, and creates 2 rules. Never did this before. This really sucks for the price they ask!
  11. I'm using SRWare Iron, the green boarder is showing. Is there a site to test if its really working? Installed the browser couple months a go or so, and NO green boarder. Thanks.
  12. I would like to see "Brave" browser supported in "banking mode".
  13. I use license manager , say to verify email. So it is sending to an outdated email address. Call they say can't change emal address, because it was purchased from another country. Bought the license about a year ago, working fine till about 4 days ago. then the message "your computer is not protected" So i deactvate and re enter the lisense works for a day then same message. Now it wants an email verifacation and ESET after a call says cannot do since the product was bought in another country. How hard is it to change an email address??? Suppose to expire in 12/22. Screw ESET, on to a better product that wont rip you off.
  14. Good support If you have the phone number. Very elusive.
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