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  1. I will move on for now. I don't like being lied too by a giant company. I will never use a so-called "supported browser" that leaks telemetry like a broken pipe (no pun intended). Makes me think Eset wants just as much info as MS or Mozilla, and google. Thanks for the ride. πŸ™‚
  2. Then again why does it say check in settings to "secure ALL browsers" banking mode, right after the new update (with OK I got it button). So miss leading.
  3. After update to 14 it says check in settings to "secure ALL browsers" banking mode. Not working with Waterfox.
  4. What a disappointment when I find that Waterfox cant work with online banking!
  5. All that matters is whats under the hood. When it gets pretty on the outside that's when to worry. Just fine for me.
  6. when i make an inbound block rule it will not connect to VPN (protocol any) what would you suggest short of not using a VPN? thanks Sorry about the mess above.
  7. When i make an inbound block rule it will not connect to VPN (protocol any) what would you suggest short of not using a VPN? thanks
  8. I know this is about ESET , but i wanted to show what i was talking about
  9. Really i don't use chrome for the reason. Just to show how WFC10 works,
  10. It needs UDP port 443. It will fall back to UDP port 443 when QUIC is blocked. It will use QUIC when a firewall does not recognize it, to me that's not good. That is the million dollar question! Thanks.πŸ˜‰
  11. When I was using Windows Firewall Control 10 (Sphinx) and Windscribe VPN, I would see Windscribe was trying to use QUIC UDP-443, Sphinx has the option of blocking QUIC in-out. Also of course, has the option regular TCP-UPD. Windscribe VPN did not like it at first but after a couple re-starts it was normal. Gave me a more secure feeling. QUIC can do pretty much what it wants to do behind the firewalls back since it is not recognized. I do like the option, wish ESET had it.
  12. Does ESET recognize this protocol can I block it I do not use Google chrome so no need for it? Here is a link about QUIC Protocol: https://nordvpn.com/blog/what-is-quic-protocol/ "There are few downsides to the QUIC protocol. It improves web communications and reduces latency, but it’s still in its experimental stages. It’s not widely adopted by other websites or web servers, nor is it supported by cybersecurity tools such as firewalls. Because of this, experimental QUIC protocol can currently open a security loophole."
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