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ERA 6.5.522.0 Web Control Log

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My Web Control Log dashboard report no longer works.  I get a report error on my dashdoard.  It also fails when I download a report to pdf.(Error: Failed to generate report: Internal server error)  I had the dashboard report working for a year and then it quite working a couple months a go.  I used the following URL to create the report:


So far I've recreated the report,  restarted the ERA server, add more memory to the VM.

Can some test this report on their system.  It appears that I have some type of DB corruption or an excessive number of records.





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  • ESET Staff

Can you share some details about the number of computers in total, and number of the ones using webcontrol?

Does editing the template with either time range limited to last week or report range to a specific number of events help? 

Do you use ERA 6.5? What’s the DB + server configuration? 

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