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ESET locate and removal of Adf.ly adware/malware? Mine doesn't.

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So far, only Mozilla on my system is jacked up.   It's causing havoc on search capability, most forms (like this box for this post) don't show up any more, and many Search or other action buttons are no longer functional.


ESET does not detect it despite the obvious signs of infection (*open a window manually, and a new window or tab, what ever Adf.ly chooses, will open up with a redirect).    Adblock in Mozilla doesn't stop it either.


Searching the web for manual removal steps has yielded info only that whatever version of the bug I've got does not match previous posters on theirs.   All of the listed files, and reg keys do not exist on my system.


I've installed Spybot but while it has "secured the system" it too did not find the Adware infection plaguing me.


My only bright side at the moment is that my IE browser has not been hijacked, and it's limited to Mozilla.   The Adware does not yet seem to negatively affect CPU time or anything else if Mozilla is not running.


I need help, and I don't even know what files to submit for getting that help.  So ....  Help!?   :-D     Thanks in advance!



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Hello derekweb72

Adf.ly can be very hard to get rid of and to remove completely, you need to delete Windows registry keys and registry values, so my best advice is to contact you local Eset support, they have the oppertunity to connect to your pc, or they will guide you through .

Regards Janus :-))

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I don't believe eset will help you with this, probabley best you download malwarebytes and do a full scan , im sure this will remove the infection, failaing that check your addons in firefox, majority of annoying malware in browsers can be removed easily,





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