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encryption log in screen does not recognize my new Windows password for SSO


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My laptop had Win 7 installed.  I upgraded to Win 10 v1803.  SSO was working.  I changed my Windows password via Ctl/Alt/Del menu, but Deslock still wants my old encryption password.  I have tried syncing & rebooting multiple times.  

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DESlock SSO "Sync" breaks after every cumulative windows 10 update since Windows doesn't properly re-register the .dll


You can write an Powershell scrip, or repair it manually: 

    (!(get-item -Path registry::hklm\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\dlpwpflt\NetworkProvider -ea SilentlyContinue))
    {write-host -fore red "Not exists";Start-Process -FilePath "regsvr32.exe" -ArgumentList '/S "C:\Program Files\DESlock+\dlpwpflt.dll"'}
    {Write-Host -fore green "exists"}

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